Poster Session


Analysis of the Severity of Dyskinesia in Patients with ParkinsonŐs Disease Via Wearable Sensors

S. Patel, D. Sherrill, R. Hughes, T. Hester, N. Huggins, T. Lie-Nemeth, D. Standaert (Harvard Med. Sch.) and Paolo Bonato (Harvard-MIT Divison of HST)


Using Wearable Sensors to Analyze the Quality of Use of Mobility Assistive Devices

T. Hester, D. M. Sherrill (Harvard Med. Sch.), M. Hamel, K. Perreault, P. Boissy (U. de Sherbrooke) and P. Bonato (Harvard-MIT Divison of HST)


An E-Textile Based Automatic Activity Diary for Medical Annotation and Analysis

J. Edmison, D. Lehn, M. Jones and T. Martin (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State U.)


Sensory Baby Vest for the Monitoring of Infants

C. Linti, H. Horter, P. …sterreicher and H. Planck (Institut fur Textil- und Verfahresntechnik)


Sensing Muscle Activities with Body-Worn Sensors

O. Amft (ETH), H. Junker (UMIT), P. Lukowicz (UMIT), G. Tršster (ETH) and C. Schuster (Reha Rheinfelden)


eWatch: A Wearable Sensor and Notification Platform

U. Maurer, (Technische U. Munchen) A. Rowe, A. Smailagic and D. P. Siewiorek (Carnegie Mellon U.)


Wireless Physiological Sensor System for Ambulatory Use

L. Jones, N. Deo, and B. Lockyer (MIT)


A New Solution for a Heart Failure Monitoring System Based on Wearable and Information Technologies

E. Villalba, M. T. Arredondo (Technical U. of Madrid), S. Guillen (ITACA Institute), and E. Hoyo-Barbolla (Technical U. of Madrid)


Wearable Multisensor Heart Rate Monitor

L. Grajales (Motorola)


The Evaluation of Nodes of Body Sensor Networks: Wearable Blood Pressure Measuring Devices

Y. Zhang, X. Y. Xiang and C. C. Y. Poon (Chinese U. of Hong Kong)


Eco: Ultra-Wearable and Expandable Wireless Sensor Platform

C. Park and P. H. Chou (U. of California, Irvine)


SAND: A Modular Application Development Platform for Miniature Wireless Sensors

M, Ouwerkerk, F. Pasveer and N. Engin (Philips Research Laboratories)


Long-Term Activity Monitoring with a Wearable Sensor Node

K. Van Laerhoven, H.W. Gellersen (Lancaster U.) and Y. G. Malliaris (KingŐs College London)


An Ecosystem of Platforms to Support Sensors for Personal Fitness

G. Borriello (U. of Washington, Intel), W. Brunette (U. of Washington), J. Lester (U. of Washington, Intel), P. Powledge and A. Rea (Intel)


A Phone-Centered Body Sensor Network Platform: Cost, Energy Efficiency & User Interface

L. Zhong, M. Sinclair (Rice U.) and R. Bittner (Microsoft Research)


Communicating Data from Wireless Sensor Networks Using the HL7v3 Standard

S. Baird (10Blade, Inc.), S. Dawson-Haggerty (Harvard U.), D. Myung (10Blade, Inc.), M. Gaynor (10Blade, Inc. and Boston U.), M. Welsh (Harvard U.) and S. Moulton (10Blade, Inc. and Boston U.)


Elaborating Sensor Data using Temporal and Spatial Commonsense Reasoning

B. Morgan and D. Singh (MIT Media Laboratory)


A Spatio-Temporal Architecture for Context Aware Sensing

S. Thiemjarus, B. Lo and G. Yang (Imperial College)


Towards Image-Based Modeling for Ambient Sensing

J. Pansiot, D.l Stoyanov, B. P.L. Lo, and G. Yang (Imperial College)


Source Recovery for Body Sensor Network

B. Lo, F. Deligianni and G. Yang (Imperial College)


Singled- Walled Carbon-Nanotube Forest Immunosensor for Amplified Detection of Cancer Biomarkers

J. D. Gong, G. Jensen, A. Bhirde, X. Yu (U. of Connecticut), B. Munge (U. of Connecticut and Salve Regina U.), V. Patel (National Institutes of Health), S. Kim (U. of Connecticut), J.S. Gutkind (National Institutes of Health), F. Papadimitrakopoulos and J. F. Rusling (U. Of Connecticut)


Organic Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors for Unconventional Applications: Flexible Sensors and Wearable Devices

I, Manunza, A. Sulis and A. Bonfiglio (U of Cagliari)


IEEE EMBS Technical Committee on Wearable Biomedical Sensors & Systems: Position Paper

P. Bonato, D. De Rossi, A. Dittmar, S. Jayaraman, I. Korhonen, A. Lymberis, E. Mc Adams and Y. Zhang