International Workshop on Wearable and Implantable Body Sensor Networks

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

Media Laboratory, 20 Ames St. (Bldg. E15)

April 4-5, 2006


April 4, 2006


Registration Desk Opens                                                             Media Lab Atria






Welcome and Opening Remarks                                                Bartos Theater

Joseph Paradiso (MIT Media Laboratory) and Guang-Zhong Yang (Imperial College)



Clinical Applications

chair: Stephen Wong (Harvard University)


Invited Talk  An Exploratory Social-Emotional Prosthetic for Autism Spectrum Disorders

R. el Kaliouby, A. Teeters and R. Picard (MIT Media Laboratory)


Using Wearable Sensors to Measure Motor Abilities Following Stroke

T. Hester, R. Hughes, D. Sherrill (Harvard Med. Sch.), B. Knorr (Dartmouth College), M. Akay (Arizona State U.), J. Stein (Harvard Med. Sch.) and P. Bonato (Harvard-MIT Divison of HST)


Biomotion Community-Wearable Human Activity Monitor: Total Knee Replacement and Healthy Control Subjects

D. E. Krebs, J. I. Huddleston, D. Goldvasser, D. M. Scarborough, W. H. Harris, H. Malchau (MIT, Mass. General Hospital.and Harvard Med. Sch.)


Pervasive Body Sensor Network: An Approach to Monitoring the Post-operative Surgical Patient

O. Aziz, B. Lo, R. King, A. Darzi and G. Yang (Imperial College)



Break                                                                                                 Media Lab Atria



Wearable Sensors                                                                        Bartos Theater

chair: Paul Lukowicz (UMIT-University for Health Sciences, Austria)


Invited Talk  Thermal Energy Harvesting with Thermo Life

I. Stark (Thermo Life Energy Corp.)


Fully Integrated EKG Shirt based on Embroidered Electrical Interconnections with Conductive Yarn and Miniaturized Flexible Electronics

T. Linz, C. Kallmayer, R. Aschenbrenner and H. Reichl (Fraunhofer IZM)


DC Behavior of Conductive Fabric Networks with Application to Wearable Sensor Nodes

E. Wade and H. H. Asada (MIT)


Combining Wireless with Wearable Technology for the Development of On-Body Networks

S. Brady, B. Carson, D. OĠGorman, N. Moyna and D. Diamond (Dublin City U.)



Poster Session Teaser

chair: Paolo Bonato (Harvard Medical School and Harvard-MIT Divison of HST)



Lunch                                                                                                  Media Lab Atria



Power Issues and RF Communication                                       Bartos Theater

chair: Alison Burdett (Toumaz Technology Ltd.)


Invited Talk  Ultra Low Power Electronics for Medicine

R. Sarpeshkar (MIT)


Thin Film Piezoelectric Energy Scavenging Systems for Long Term Medical Monitoring

E. K. Reilly, E. Carleton and P. K. Wright (U of California, Berkeley)


Rotating and Gyroscopic MEMS Energy Scavenging

E. M. Yeatman (Imperial College)


An Omnidirectional Transcutaneous Power Link for Capsule Endoscopy

B. Lenaerts and R. Puers (Katholieke U. Leuven)


Characterization of the Path Loss near Flat and Layered Biological Tissue for Narrowband Wireless Body Area Networks

L. Roelens, W. Joseph and L. Martens (Ghent U.)



Poster Session                                                                                     Media Lab Atria



Odyssey Starlight Dinner Cruise                                                       Boston Harbor




April 5, 2006




Breakfast                                                                                              Media Lab Atria


Sensor Network Platforms                                                               Bartos Theater

chair: Torsten Linz (Fraunhofer IZM, Berlin)


Invited Talk  Imperceptible Wearable Sensors for Continuous Health Monitoring

Prof. Harry Asada (MIT)

BASUMA – The Sixth Sense for Chronically Ill Patients

T. Falck, J. Espina (Philips Research Laboratories), J. Ebert and D. Dietterle (IHP GmbH – Innovations for High Performance Microelectronics)


HealthGear: A Real-time Wearable System for Monitoring and Analyzing Physiological Signals

O. Nuria and F. Flores-Mangas (Microsoft Research)


A Compact, Wireless, Wearable Sensor Network for Interactive Dance Ensembles

R. Aylward, S. D. Lovell and J. Paradiso (MIT Media Laboratory)



Break                                                                                                Media Lab Atria



Information Processing & Security                                          Bartos Theater

chair: Alex (Sandy) Pentland (MIT Media Lab)


Invited Talk  Configurable Sensor Nodes

P. van der Stok (Philips Research Laboratories)


Multi-sensor Data Fusion Using the Influence Model

W. Dong, and A. Pentland (MIT Media Laboratory)


Combination of Body Sensor Networks and On-Body Signal Processing Algorithms: the practical case of MyHeart project

J. Luprano, J. Sola, S. Dasen, J.M. Koller and O. Chetelat (Centre Suisse dĠElectronique et de Microtechnique SA)


Resource-Efficient Security for Medical Body Sensor Networks

O Garc’a Morch—n, H. Baldus (Philips Research Laboratories) and D. S‡nchez S‡nchez (U. Pompeu Fabra)


A Design Proposal of Security Architecture for Body Sensor Networks with Medical Care Applications

S. Bao (Chinese U. of Hong Kong, Southeast U.), Y. Zhan (Chinese U. of Hong Kong) and L. Shen (Southeast U.)



Lunch                                                                                                  Media Lab Atria



Implantable Sensors                                                                      Bartos Theater

chair: Jon Cooper (University of Glasgow)


Invited Talk  A Direct Brain Interface To Restore Function In Humans With Spinal Cord Injury

J. Donoghue (Brown U.)


Stimulating and Sensing Network Inside the Human Body

J. H. Schulman (Alfred Mann Foundation)


Electrochemical Methods for Monitoring Neurotransmitter Dynamics in vitro: From Theory to Experiments

C. A. Anastassiou, B. A. Patel, K. H. Parker and D. OĠHare (Imperial College)


An Autonomous Smart Dental Prosthesis for Fast Rehabilitation

J. Van Ham, M. De Cooman, W. Claes, R. Puers, I. Naert, (Katholieke U. Leuven) C Van Lierde (Materialise) and J.L. Beckers (Uni-Dent N.V.)



Break                                                                                                Media Lab Atria



Clinical Applications                                                                    Bartos Theater

chair: Terry Dishongh (Intel Research)


Invited Talk  Steps Toward the Development of a Chronic Retinal Implant

J. Wyatt (MIT)


Experiments in the Detection of Upper Limb Posture through Kinestetic Strain Sensors

T. Giorgino, S. Quaglini (U. of Pavia), F. Lorussi and D. De Rossi (U. of Pisa)


Activity Recognition and Monitoring Using Multiple Sensors on Different Body Positions

U. Maurer (Technische U. Munchen), A. Smailagic, D. P. Siewiorek (Carnegie Mellon U.) and M. Deisher (Intel)


Remotely Supporting Care Provision for Older Adults

A. A. Reeves, J.W.P.Ng, S.J.Brown and N.M. Barnes (Pervasive ICT Research Centre, BT)




Towards BSN 2007

Joe Paradiso (MIT), Guang-Zhong Yang (Imperial College), Thomas Falck (Philips Research, Aachen)